Keeping your data safe and secure

By Suzie Cowling - 1 July, 2021 - Cloud Back Up

How to choose the right Cloud Back up services for you. 
Small business users need a safe and secure system for storing
and backing up one of their most valuable assets, next to their team
of course, and that is their data. We have all heard examples of
system crashes resulting in disaster for companies.  These
crashes, whether caused by user error or a system failure, have
meant loss of sensitive records, client information, as well as
disruption to critical applications, which has a knock-on effect on
their business credibility and finances. 
That being the case, business owners need to invest in backup
technology. In the past, businesses frequently relied on multiple
hard drives to back up information onsite.  However, in recent
years, businesses have instead turned to cloud backup services to
store and protect data externally.  This trend was already on the
increase but has really come to the forefront during the
current Covid -19 pandemic. 
Choosing a cloud backup service offers directors and owners the
peace of mind of knowing that data cannot be lost irreversibly.
Cloud backup services for small to medium businesses also provide
safety and security, keeping sensitive information private. With such
a range of options for cloud services, just how do you choose the
right solution for your business that’s appropriate, cost-efficient, and
The Amber Vault Team at DCS did extensive research when they
were looking to provide robust, secure and affordable cloud
managed services. Here are a few things for you to keep in
mind when you carry out your investigation: 

  • Pricing–Does the service offer a range of plans, or does it quickly tie the customer into a single plan? 
  • How much data do you intend to back up and is the service scalable? 
  • Affordability–How affordable is the service? 
  • How vital is security?  
  • Business size–Is the service appropriate for a small
  • business? 
  • Integration–Does the service integrate with frequently used
  • systems such as Office365? 
  • Usability–Is the service easy to use and intuitive? 
  • Speed–How quickly does the service upload data? 
  • Support – Who do you ring for technical support? 

If you have any questions that you need answering on Cloud
backup, would like a quote or to trial the Amber Vault Cloud Backup
solution, then contact the AV Team here at DCS or