Why you need Microsoft 365 backup

By Chris Lord - 1 July, 2021 - Cloud Back Up

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) Shared Responsibility
Model states: “With Microsoft (Office) 365, it’s your data — you
control it — and it is your responsibility to protect it.” But what does
this mean for you…
At DCS, I’m sure we must sound like a broken record with regards
to the backing up of data stored on your server. But now, so many
organisations have moved their e-mail data from their own servers
to Microsoft’s servers. So how safe is your Microsoft 365 data from
Well, first of all, let us explore why we have a backup in the first
place. The most obvious reason is to protect against the risk of your
server going “pop” and losing your data. If you have a backup, as
inconvenient as it may be, you can simply get replacement
hardware and restore your data from the backup. At Microsoft, your
data doesn’t just sit on a standalone server though. No, Microsoft
have farms of servers with highly resilient storage infrastructures
that can suffer many disk failures and multiple whole server failures
in quick succession, and even then, your data’s intact and
accessible. On top of this, those servers have the cleanest air, the
cleanest electricity supplies and run at optimum temperatures to
significantly minimise the risk of any of those many servers from
going “pop” in the first place.
The second reason we have a backup is in case of any force
majeure event. We hope this never happens to you or your
business, but if it should, if you have a backup, you again have a
small inconvenience, but your data is safe. Over at Microsoft, they
didn’t stop with just having multiple servers, multiple hard drives,
clean air and clean electricity.