Moving applications to the cloud

By Adam Findlay - 28 March, 2023 - Cloud Services, News

As businesses embrace the switch to the cloud and transition their IT systems and data, the majority end up with a Hybrid configuration taking advantage of large public cloud offerings such as Office 365 and Exchange Online where they fit best.

But where does this leave the traditional line of business applications currently sitting on on-premises servers and how best can these be migrated to the cloud to deliver enhanced scalability and simplified delivery to end users?

Our Amber Vault Hosting service powered by Parallels RAS provides everything you need to free you from maintaining legacy on-premise hardware and allows you to host one or more of your key applications in our secure private cloud. Access to your applications is delivered directly through your web browser or through a lightweight secure client available for Windows, Mac, and iPhone / iPad.

The benefits of moving your applications to the cloud:

Scalability: Cloud hosting allows you to easily scale up or down your application resources based on demand, without having to invest in and manage your own infrastructure.

Accessibility: With cloud-based application delivery, users can access applications from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier to work remotely or collaborate with others.

Security: Cloud providers offer robust security measures and can help you comply with various regulations, reducing the risk of data breaches or other security incidents.

Cost savings: Using cloud resources can often be more cost-effective than investing in your own hardware and infrastructure.

Flexibility: With Parallels RAS, you can deliver applications to a wide range of devices and platforms, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Streamlined management: By centralizing application management in the cloud, you can reduce the burden on IT staff and simplify the process of deploying updates and patches.

High availability: Cloud providers have resilient data centres and redundant systems in place, which can help ensure high availability and minimize downtime.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of moving your applications to the cloud or see a demo of our solution, get in touch with one of our cloud experts today at 0800 0590-190 or speak to your account manager.