The new pick ‘n’ mix?

By Suzie Cowling - 22 September, 2021 - Cloud Services

No one can be in any doubt that the last 18 months has seen a huge growth in the adoption of cloud services. For example, from a DCS point of view, we are so grateful that we had a cloud-based telephone system and as the first lockdown began in March 2020, we were able to communicate inter-company and with our clients as easily as we had before the advent of the pandemic. 

Everything from contact tracing to home delivery services, remote medical appointments and working (and playing) from home has been transformed by cloud services. 

All the experts tell us that cloud computing will continue to grow and allow us to adapt to the changing times in which we live. We can be nimbler and more flexible. 

However, moving everything across to the Cloud is not for everyone and perhaps the best way to do this is the good old Woolworths (who I hear you ask? – ask your parents, they will tell you!) pick ‘n’ mix. In other words, try choosing the individual elements of which cloud services best suit your needs. Some companies prefer to keep their accounts systems on-premise whereas others, particularly start-up companies, like the idea of not having to invest heavily in hardware and can therefore spend their cash on stock or other assets. 

A big advantage of Amber Vault is that you can start from small and, as your business grows, you can add what elements you need, all safe in the knowledge that the AV family of cloud services are managed from our Tier 3 data centres based in the UK. They are monitored 24/7, 365 days a week.  

With a scaleable system, you are able to control and manage your monthly costs. 

What to choose? 

Hosted – move your entire infrastructure or just a key application – the choice is yours 

Backup – fully managed snapshot backups of resources, allowing for pain-free restores if disaster strikes 

Patch management – out of date and non-patched software leaves you vulnerable to attack by hackers, keep up to date and be in control of the latest security patches. 

M365 Backup – Microsoft does not back up your 365 data, the responsibility is yours – M365 backup gives you peace of mind – check out our previous blog for more details about your M365 data here

Replica – fully-fledged Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in the cloud 

Archive – allows you to keep your data sizes manageable by archiving off historical data, prolonging the life of your server 

Lite – automatically scheduled cloud backups of critical files and folders, when you may not want to back up the entire system to the cloud 

You don’t have to choose to go all-in with the Cloud, just pick the bits you need to start with and see where your Amber Vault journey takes you!